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About our hgh store

We are the official representative of a Danish-based biotechnology and pharmaceutical company specializing in the production and development of bio-products that improve the quality of life.

An important aspect is that the company has its own strain-producing protein, which makes it possible to completely independently produce human growth hormone, as well as monitor the quality at each stage of production.

Our product passed all stages of testing in 2016 and has become widely used in the markets of Europe and the CIS. Later we brought a new line to the US market.

The high quality standards in our industry are taken into account by specialists in our laboratory, which is equipped with equipment that meets all standards. Only experienced professionals in their field are allowed to work in our company.

Quality is our reputation and the fact that we have been successfully working for more than 5 years in the European market and about 3 years in the US market speaks volumes.

Brands today:
RusBio Pharma (US market)
EvalPharm (European market)

RusBIO HGH EvalPharm HGH