performance enhancement drugs

performance drugs Despite the great popularity of common performance enhancing drugs, we want to tell you the risks associated with them in this chapter.
How strong can be the desire to win? What are some athletes willing to go for medals and regalia?
Ordinary athletes prepare for the competition, obsessed with the dream of defending their country in international competitions and being part of the best team. At a certain period, they are faced with the fact that the level of training and effort cannot be maintained without the help of performance enhancer drugs. And many agree to their use. But, unfortunately, the use of various performance-enhancing drugs, without understanding the risks and their work in general, may not be an advantage, but a terrible enemy. In this article, we will talk about the different sides of anabolic steroids, human growth hormone and other stimulants that increase performance.

best performance enhancing drugs - Anabolic Steroids

We want to immediately inform you that all anabolic steroids are produced by our body on its own.performance enhanced drugs But the levels of these hormones can be changed by athletes, and the main anabolic-androgenic steroid that most often increases is testosterone. It is called the male hormone. But all athletes take its exogenous form to increase muscle mass and strength. And also for the accelerated process of recovery of the body after hard training.
The main purpose of use is to get the anabolic and androgenic effects of the "test":

  1. Increases the growth of lean body mass
  2. Responsible for changes in the voice in men (lower) and accelerates the growth of hair on the body.
To increase efficiency, pure testosterone or its modifications are administered at an increased dose. Anabolics are synthesized in special laboratories from pure testosterone, which is already a derivative of it.
Athletes around the world use anabolic steroids to increase muscle mass as well as to contain damage during intense workouts. This allows you to train more often and more, achieving attractive forms much faster than their competitors. There are also synthetic steroids, they are made in unlicensed laboratories specifically for pro-athletes so that they are not noticed by doping tests. Such untested anabolics can be hazardous to health.
What are the risks? In order to achieve the desired result and increase the rate of muscle growth several times, athletes exceed the allowable doses of drugs by dozens of times, which can lead to the following consequences:

Men Women Both
Growth of the prostate Growth of the masculine clitoris Cancer
Infertility Increased body hair Increased low-density lipoprotein levels
Female breasts Hair loss Mood changes
Testicular Shrinkage Male Voice Hypertension
Growth retardation

These are not all the risks associated with the use of different performance enhancing drugs. Their reception is prohibited in most countries and therefore fill the black market. Choosing an unverified supplier can be even more risky.
In conclusion, it is important to be sensible when choosing all enhancing drugs to change your body to achieve athletic performance. Do not exceed the indicated doses and it is always best to consult your doctor.